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What is Atoka™?

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Atoka™ is a brand inspired by Mother Nature and the benefits rooted in restorative herbs and nutrient-dense fruits. With ingredients curated by a master herbalist and specialty formulas designed for each mile of your daily wellness journey, we’re here for the whole body and soul. The Atoka™ line of products brings Herbal Shots and Herbal Tonics to market that are always vegan, plant-based, and non-GMO.

What does the word “Atoka” mean?

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Atoka means “cranberry” in the language of the First Nations of Québec. We chose the name Atoka with admiration for an ancient culture that cherished the earth around them and harnessed the powers of nature. We strive to do the same with the Atoka™ line of products, bringing you beverages designed to nurture your body and soul.

Where are you based out of?

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The Atoka™ brand is based out of Boston, Massachusetts. We’re grateful and excited to have a footprint in the heart of a city leading innovation across an array of industries. Our exact address is 77 Sleeper Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

Distributed by Ocean Spray? Are you owned by Ocean Spray?

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Mindful of the ever-increasing demand for health and wellness focused products, Ocean Spray established the Atoka™ brand line of products to diversify its portfolio and grow into the natural space. Atoka™ is one of many platforms beyond juice through which Ocean Spray will deliver an innovative, nutritious portfolio.

Partnering with a master herbalist, Atoka™ products bring to market mindfully-crafted Herbal Shots and Herbal Tonics designed for each mile of your daily wellness journey. Together with Ocean Spray’s 90-year history of harvesting an original superfruit, the Atoka™ brand is a platform that brings a grassroots, entrepreneurial approach to connect farms to families for a better life.

Role of the herbalist

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We have partnered with a master herbalist to mindfully blend restorative herbs and nutrient-dense fruits into every day sippable beverage formats including Herbal Shots and Herbal Tonics. Our herbalist uses expert knowledge to carefully pair the best ingredients inspired by nature and deliver upon your key functional needs throughout the day.

What does the Atoka plant/Manseau have to do with the Atoka™ brand?

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Ocean Spray acquired the manufacturing facility in Manseau (in the province of Québec) as part of its acquisition of Atoka Cranberries Inc.  While Atoka Cranberries Inc. historically used the Atoka™ brand, Ocean Spray is re-establishing and growing that brand in new ways.


What will this blend do for me?

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We have partnered with a master herbalist to choose each responsibly-sourced ingredient and blend it into a mindful recipe from fruits, herbs, and botanicals to meet your needs throughout the day. Whatever your day brings, you can find the right blend with an Atoka™ product.

Where are these products sourced from? Are they fair trade? Domestic?

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Environmental sustainability is very important to us. We carefully choose ingredients that are not only good for you, but are also good for the planet.  From sourcing our ingredients to choosing our suppliers, we make mindful choices every step of the way to deliver high-quality and sustainable products. 

Our products are all manufactured at facilities in the USA, with responsibly sourced ingredients from around the world.

Are these products Non-GMO? Organic?

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All of our products are non-GMO – they do not contain genetically engineered ingredients. We use organic ingredients where possible, being mindful to only using sustainable ingredients.

Are these products shelf stable/refrigerated?

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Herbal Tonics and Herbal Shots:

Storage/Distribution: Ambient

Refrigerate after opening


Is your packaging recyclable?

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The bottle and cap are recyclable. Please remove the label from the bottle before recycling, or it will not be recycled properly at the recycling location.

Is your plastic BPA free?

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The plastic used in our bottles in BPA Non-Intent

Where are products produced?

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Our products are produced at carefully selected manufacturing partners located in the USA.

Herbal Tonics

Why is there sugar in the Herbal Tonic?/ Why is there added sugar in the Herbal Tonic?

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Sugar is used to feed the cultures that make our fermented tea. While most of the sugar is consumed during fermentation, some sugar remains in our Herbal Tonic. We believe adding nutritious products to your day meaningfully fuels your daily wellness journey.

Are there live cultures in the Herbal Tonic?

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No, our Herbal Tonics do not contain live cultures. Our Herbal Tonics are pasteurized to ensure they meet our high quality control standards. This means that our Herbal Tonics are stable without refrigeration before opening, an added benefit allowing you to carry an Herbal Tonic with you throughout your busy day.

What is adaptogenic about this?

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Each Herbal Tonic is formulated with inspiration from ingredients commonly understood to be used as adaptogens by herbalists for thousands of years – from ginseng to ginger to reishi.

Is it Kombucha? What is Adaptogenic Tea?

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Like Kombucha, our products contain fermented black tea. But they don’t taste like the Kombuchas you’re used to! Our teas are a balanced blend of fermented tea, juice, and botanicals that is packaged still, not carbonated, to deliver delicious, nutritious refreshment.


How many units are included in the sales price?

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Both our Herbal Tonics and Herbal Shots products are sold as a 12-pack.
Herbal Tonics- 12/10-oz bottles
Herbal Shots- 12/2.5-oz bottles

Am I paying sales tax on my order?

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Applicable state and local taxes will be applied to your order during checkout.

What are the payment methods accepted on atokawellness.com?

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Credit Cards Accepted: MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club
Google Pay
Apple Pay

What shipping methods are available on atokawellness.com?

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Orders placed by 10am EST will ship the same day.
Standard Shipping: 0-9 lbs - 5-7 Business Days at $9.99
Standard Shipping: 9.1 - 18 lbs - 5-7 Business Days at $19.98
Expedited Shipping: 0-9 lbs - 2 Business Days at $13.99
Expedited Shipping: 9.1 - 18 lbs - 2 Business Days at $27.98

Are returns accepted?

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Returns are not accepted at atokawellness.com. Upon delivery, if there are any quality issues, damages, etc, please email us at info@atokawellness.com or call us at 833-712-8652 so that we may assist you.

What are the Bottle Deposit Fees for Atoka™ products?

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Many states impose a bottle deposit fee on specified beverages with qualified containers and volume. For Atoka™ Wellness products, we are collecting the following deposits, based on the ship-to address of your order. Please visit a local redemption center to return your empty containers and recover your deposit, or see recycle instructions here: (link to Frequently Asked Questions- Package). Atoka Wellness is collecting the following bottle deposit fees for our products:
CA- $.05
OR- $.10
ME- $.05
You will see these fees applied in the checkout process.

What is the Atoka™ Privacy Policy?

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Click here to review the Privacy Policy https://oceansprayinc.myshopify.com/pages/privacy-policy

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